Price for a Wedding DJ

What is the average price for a Wedding DJ ? Are some DJ prices too expensive?

Price for a wedding DJ

I recently took a call from a client wishing to book a disco and DJ for his Wedding Reception. In conversation I said that if he phoned around for DJ quotes they may vary wildly. One top wedding venue in Essex quoted £400.
Another Wedding Venue in Essex has lighting above the dancefloor area. They ‘hire’ it to you, and will only turn the lights on if you’ve paid them £135 extra. That’s a shame if it’s not included within the venue hire price.
Many venues attempt to make it harder for outside DJs to perform, asking for this and that paperwork, perhaps because the venues owners miss out on their commission.
What annoys me, seeing it from a Wedding Entertainers view, is that various Brides and Grooms are being exploited with inflated prices and large unnecessary profits. Add them all together and it’s no wonder Wedding Receptions are so expensive.
When you book your DJ try and deal direct with your DJ. Avoid paying too higher price for a Wedding DJ. Apply the same logic to many other Wedding Services that you may require and you could save a considerable amount when planning your Wedding Reception Party.

The Lawn Christmas Party

While driving past The Lawn Rochford, I noticed their advert for the Lawn Christmas Party and it made me think..

The Lawn Christmas Party – Book Now

The-Lawn-Christmas-PartyWhilst a staff Christmas Party at The Lawn might not be on your mind right now with the sun out and an ice cream in your hand, in reality Christmas is only 3 months away. To get the best combination of Christmas Party Venue and Party DJ you do have to book early. Seeing The Lawn Christmas Party advert made me realise how close the season of Christmas Parties is!

So if you want a stunning venue for your company Christmas Party, be sure to check out The Lawn Rochford, or if you are planning your own party scroll through my A to Z Venue list for all function rooms in this area to help you choose the perfect Christmas Party Venue in Essex.

Christmas-Party-DJIf you are interested in obtaining a quote for a Christmas Party DJ in Essex please give me a call. I have excellent rates, with a choice of 5 other great DJs who work with me to ensure the best Christmas Party possible. If you privately hire The Lawn for your Christmas Party and would like me to DJ for you please call me on 07802 195204 or 01702 200800 and I will be very happy to give you a quote. The Lawn Rochford is close to where I’m based so I can offer you a great Christmas Party DJ rate if you do prefer to select your own DJ.

I can offer a music selection taylored to your specific needs, I’m more than happy to take requests from your guests, inject fun and a bit of sparkle in to your celebrations.

Wishing you a really Happy Christmas 🙂


Downton Abbey Hiclere Castle Wedding

This is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious and unique Wedding Venues I have played in to date. Downton Abbey Hiclere Castle Wedding for Tracey and Greg.

Downton Abbey Hiclere Castle Wedding, Hampshire.

Wedding-Venue-Downton-AbbeyImagine getting married in a castle! Having the whole place to yourself, enjoying your wedding day with acres and acres of grounds to roll your eyes at through the window during the Wedding Breakfast. Hiclere Castle, famous for the fictional setting for the TV series Downton Abbey was Tracey and Greg’s chosen Wedding Venue, and they chose me to DJ. Tracey has previously booked me to DJ at huge parties for the bank she worked for, with a string of high class venues including The Hilton Hotel Park Lane, London. The Grand Hotel in Brighton, and another in Charring Cross and Mayfair. Tracey wanted an amazing Wedding Venue and she chose Downton Abbey Hiclere Castle in Hampshire for this magical setting.

I found the entrance sign for Downton Abbey, and followed an incredibly long drive way past fields and rolling scenery, until suddenly, in the distance Hiclere Castle became very visible! As I drew up, I had to stop and take a picture! I only had my phone with me having forgotten to bring my camera! Above is the sight that greeted me!

Downton-Abbey-Hiclere-CastleWith imposing stone work and architecture, and even a full sized wolf’s head with a sheep’s leg in it’s mouth for a door knocker, this place was something else!

Inside Downton Abbey Hiclere Castle there was a huge library which formed the room for the wedding breakfast, with woodwork and carvings on every wall. It made you feel like a King or Queen being surrounded by such opulence.

There was so much to look at inside Downton Abbey your mind couldn’t take it all in in one go.

Wedding-Reception-Hiclere-CastleI made my way through to the main gallery which was to host the Wedding Reception evening entertainment, and form the dancing area.





Wedding-Venue-Hiclere-CastleHuge Gothic archways and the widest staircase i’ve seen swept down into the main hall. Big paintings on every wall, carved woodwork, endless archways. I set up the disco equipment, and while waiting for the speeches to finish, I was shown to my own private room and a waiter brought me a 2 course roast dinner cooked to perfection!




First-DanceThe bride and groom had their first dance, photographers and guests cameras flashed away, Downton Abbey Hiclere Castle was such an idyllic setting for a fairytale wedding. The dancing began, and I made my way through the three A4 page play list.

The whole evening went so quickly. The dance floor was packed for most of the evening apart from when the hot buffet was served. Understandably, people weren’t going to miss out on it having tasted the food earlier in the day!




Notably, the staff were all absolutely brilliant! Service was outstanding, everyone very polite, and not ‘stuffy’. Everything ran on time, everyone was well attended to, attention to detail in every way.

Downton-Abbey-WeddingSo, if you want an exquisite wedding venue, with charm, character, and the longest driveway ever, Hiclere Castle aka Downton Abbey Hampshire will not disappoint.

Geoff Grove, Wedding DJ at Downton Abbey Hiclere Castle for Tracey and Greg, 25/08/2012


Manuela Panizzo – Top singer ideal for Weddings

Manuela Panizzo – Top singer ideal for Weddings and Birthdays!

Geoff-Grove-BlogI’m writing this article about Manuela Panizzo after seeing her perform in Southend this weekend, and I wanted to give her some extra publicity on my website. It was my pleasure to perform along side her, and here’s my account of a fantastic evening’s entertainment.


Manuela-Panizzo-SingerI was fortunate enough to DJ at a birthday party this weekend – a joint 18th and 40th. I had been booked to DJ, and they had also organised a live singer called Manuela Panizzo, who they first saw performing at The Royal Hotel, Southend.
Manuela brought her own mixer and backing tracks, and plugged into my PA System. We worked very well together, and as a team we really went down well. Manuela was extremely versatile, starting off on her first 45 minute set with covers from Randy Crawford amongst others. Her music selection for the beginning of the evening was just right. During the second set, Manuela Panizzo even covered Robin S – Show Me Love with accuracy and clarity. When she sings, she ‘gets right into it’, and clearly knows how to use a mic to full advantage, effortlessly making every track sound so soulful. The audience loved her, and between my own sets, I couldn’t stop dancing either!

Manuela told me she loves singing Soul, Jazz and Fusion numbers, also recently working with a Cuban band. Her voice is fantastic. In the first few seconds I knew this wasn’t a ‘run of the mill’ act. She actually writes songs and has appeared on a number of records.
I would have no trouble what so ever recommending Manuela Panizzo for any kind of party, any age group. She danced around while singing and had a great reaction from the audience. I really enjoyed working with her and look forward to the next event we can appear together.

Please search on You Tube for video footage of Manuela in action. Then you will realise why i had to ‘put pen to paper’!

If you would like to book Manuela Panizzo to sing at your function, please call 01702 200800 or 07802 195204

Wedding Party Falls in Water

This unlucky Bride and Groom were having their wedding photos taken on a pontoon when it unexpectedly collapsed, so the whole wedding party falls in water! Fortunately no one was hurt.

Video- Wedding Party Falls in Water

The incident, caught on film, shows an entire wedding party line up for photos on a nearby dock, only to plunge straight through the platform. Newlyweds Eric and Maegan Walber were among the 12-strong group on the platform waiting for the pictures to be taken, but just moments after they were swimming back to shore at the Bay Pointe Inn, Shelbyville, Michigan.
“We were out there for probably 30 seconds, standing on the dock, and it started to lean and tilt,” said groom Eric Walber. “We went right under. Everyone was laughing, it was one of those things that it just happens and you roll with it.”
His bride Maegan added: “I came up laughing. It makes for a good story, we’ll be telling our grandkids.”
Waterway to make a splash as newlyweds!
Wedding party falls in water – Article courtesy of Yahoo News

Marygreen Manor Wedding Fayre

Marygreen Manor Wedding Fayre

Marygreen Manor Wedding Fayre Thursday 28th June

Marygreen-Manor-Wedding-FayreThis is the second Wedding Fayre happening in Chelmsford area over the next few weeks. Marygreen Manor Wedding Fayre / Wedding Show takes place on Thursday 28th June between 5pm and 9pm at their stunning venue, set in well tendered grounds. Have a look around and see the various packages and wedding services offered. I will be exhibiting there, so come and have a chat if you require a DJ.

This prestigious wedding venue boasts a 4 Star AA rating. If you like charm, wood paneling, beams and tudor style, then Mary Green is a ‘Must See’.
I’ve often been the DJ at wedding receptions held here, so I can recommend coming down and having a look around at this magical Tudor wedding venue full of charm and character.
If you would like a quote to DJ at your wedding or birthday, please give me a call or see me there. I’m sure you will be impressed with my prices and the service I offer. Geoff Grove 01702 200800
Marygreen manor Hotel can be found here Hotel Spa and Retreat can be found here.

Marygreen Manor Hotel
London Road,
Essex CM14 4NR
Tel: 01277 829990

Greenwoods Hotel Wedding Fayre 24th June

Greenwoods Hotel Wedding Fayre

Greenwoods Hotel Wedding Fayre 24th June

There are two Wedding Fayres happening in Chelmsford area over the next few weeks. Greenwoods Hotel Wedding Fayre takes place on June 24th at their luxurious venue, set in their amazing grounds. Have a look around and see the various packages and wedding services offered.
I’ve often been the DJ at wedding receptions held here. In the summer months you and your guests have access to the fabulous grounds, what a setting! I remember at one wedding I preformed at here the bride and groom had arranged Chinese Lanterns to be lit half way through the evening. All the guests made their way outside and lit around 30 paper lanterns. What a lovely site as they rose into the sky, and another photo opportunity..

Unfortunately I can’t make this event however if you would like a quote to DJ at your wedding or birthday, please give me a call. I’m sure you will be impressed with my prices and the service I offer. Geoff Grove 01702 200800
Greenwoods Hotel Spa and Retreat can be found here.

Greenwoods Hotel
Stock Road,
Essex, CM4 9BE
Tel: 01277 829990